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Advance preparation by attendees

This course is very intensive and fast-paced. Attendees come from various backgrounds and some have found they benefited from some pre-reading for the course. There is no mandatory preparation but we recommend the resources listed below be consulted by those feeling the need for such preparation.

Attendees at previous courses recommended that we provide access to some course materials in advance of the course.  Hence, a download link is included in the receipt for payment of course fees, for the first 7 lectures that cover the course introduction.

Available at no cost:
International Hydrographic Organization Publication C-13 Manual on Hydrography(2005, corrected Feb 2011), particularly chapters 2, 3, 4 and 7

International Hydrographic Organization Special Publication S-44 IHO Standards for Hydrographic Surveys, 5th Edition, February 2008

L3 Seabeam’s Multibeam Sonar Theory of Operations Manual (2000)

US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrographic Engineer Manual (2013-11-30) particularly chapters 3, 6 and 7, and appendices D and F (example projects appendices H to Q).

de Jong, Lachapelle, Skone & Elema (2003) Hydrography Second Edition, e-book with corrections (2010) 354 pp. ISBN: 90-407-2359-1. Particularly Chapter 11 Sounding Methods.

The MB-System Cookbook (version 2006-02-16)

FIG Guide on the Development of a Vertical Reference Surface for Hydrography (2006), FIG Pub. No. 37.

Lurton & Lamarche (Eds) (2015) Backscatter measurements by seafloor-mapping sonars. Guidelines and Recommendations. GeoHab Backscatter Working Group Report. 200p.

Available for purchase:
Xavier Lurton (2010) An Introduction to Underwater Acoustics: Principles and Applications Second Edition, (Particularly Chaps 2, 5, 6, 7, 8) 480 pp. Springer Verlag ISBN13: 978- 3-540-78480-7

R.J. Urick (1983) Principles of Underwater Sound, 3rd Ed. Peninsula Publishing, ISBN 0-932146-62-7 $74